Tyre Nichols and the Fight for Black Lives

By Jesuorobo Enobakhare Jr

It is sad that we are only hearing about the life of Tyre Nichols after his murder by police. His life mattered. His life had value. I applaud Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis for her decisive words and actions in both speaking out against the actions of the officers who took part in Tyre’s murder and in firing them. The DA moving swiftly in investigating and charging the former officers is encouraging. But once again we find ourselves at this place. A young black man losing his life due to police violence.

According to Chief Davis these men clearly violated department policies. To a certain extent policies are designed to reduce liability. But police culture is something the communities they police bear witness to. And in these instances the culture never lines up with policy. It is past time for the culture of policing to catch up with the policy of policing.

At some point we will see congressional members give their thoughts and prayers. How about they back those thoughts and prayers up with action by creating national standards for policing? How about all police chiefs make a pledge that they will do everything possible to make sure this never happens again by changing the culture of policing once and for all?

How about we never come back to this place again?

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